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Weather and Related Road Condition Information
We appreciate your cooperation in calling or emailing about Village streets and conditions that require our attention.  Village staff updates the information on extreme weather conditions frequently. 

Please be aware that in the freeze/thaw environment of midwestern winters, issues such as potholes in roadways, leaking or broken fire hydrants and water lines due to shifting in the soils, and many other hazardous conditions may arise.  Should you notice a concern such as sudden or overflowing water on the pavement please notify the Public Works Department immediately. 

The Village Pothole Report Form is an alternative to calling to notify of us of a pothole on a Village street.  Though the Village of Orland Park cannot supply any information for state or county roads, should the road be under the jurisdiction of another agency, the report will be directed to the appropriate organization.  

Though we cannot tell you exactly when a particular neighborhood street will be plowed during the snow season, several agencies offer wintertime road condition information for major roadways.

State & Cook County Roads
Please use the following phone numbers to find out about State and Cook County roads:
  • State Roads, 847-705-4161
  • Cook County Roads, 708-448-8006