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Snow Routes
Snow Plowing
The village is divided into predetermined geographical routes to maximize the efficient removal of snow from the roadways.

Order of Streets Plowed
All village-owned streets will be plowed with main streets cleared first, followed by side-streets, then cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

Driving Tips
Never follow snowplows too closely; keep plenty of distance (at least 500 feet). Snowplows often need to stop, back up, or turn around. Give snowplows plenty of space and drive for conditions.

Remember driving on slick wintertime pavements is dangerous, even if they've been plowed. Take more time to get where you're going, begin slowing or stopping sooner, and don't drink and drive.

Where to Shovel Snow
To help with plowing operations throughout the village, it is against village ordinance to deposit snow removed from driveways or private roads onto village streets. All plowing equipment is designed to discharge snow to the curb. Snowplows push snow to the side of the road and it will end up across your driveway and in front of your mailbox. It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove snow that ends up in a driveway and/or in front of your mailbox following snow removal operations. Do not deposit snow back into the street as it causes hazardous roadway conditions.